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Utrera & Seville

“Sevilla tiene que tiene una torre alta y ligera
pero no tiene que tiene La Consolación de Utrera. 
Cádiz tiene su bahía y Jerez su primavera,
pero ninguna tiene que tiene a La Consolación de Utrera”.
 José María Pemán

Both Utrera and Seville alike do have an enriching and fascinanting heritage where you can find the origins of the most ancient site dating back more than 2,400 years. Here in Seville blossoms the flower of the orange tree ,surrounded by an aura of warmth , romance and mystery. Being in itself, a place where people can indulge their own passions and joys, the region has transformed into a necessary meeting place next to the stunning Portada Tower of the canonical seat

Utrera, is considered to be the historical craddle of flamenco as well as being well renowned for its breeding of the Spanish fighting bull . It also stands out for the raising of the stockbreeding of prestigious horses. Moreover, Utrera is famous for its patisseries along with its century-old taverns where you can sample excellent cuisine and good wines or liqueurs. And not to forget , our popular “mostachones de Utrera” or our beer, the world´s best as recognised by the World Beer Awards.